Mobile video production

On a Saturday morning a friend at the glidingclub questioned to make a vlog about his project – about rope tension measurements of the winch – for a contest he was participating in.
I only had the Sony A6300 and iPhone X with me so this video was also a test for mobile production, cool!

After some coffee the idea was created and I start shooting the video. The day after the edit was done with LumaFusion on the iPhone X. The video was published on Monday and a few weeks later Tom won the contest.

Maha Shivaratri

First day in Nepal, and what a day…. I came to Nepal with (un-planned) perfect timing. The festival Maha Shivaratri was celebrated today.

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Amazing writer Aravind Kodlekere

In Gokarna I met the amazing writer Aravind Kodlekere, owner of the hotel I went due to the Stingray incident. I asked him if he had a book to read, because I ended up there without any luggage and the doctor forbid me to use my feet yet. The book where he came with – a business agenda – was written by himself.

The book described his thoughts and I like to share this amazing work of a amazing writer with you.

Download here the PDF copy of the book ( all rights reserved © by Aravind Kodlekere )



Homebridge in a Docker Container on the Synology Diskstation Guide

In my first post a year ago about how to get homebridge on the Synology Diskstation, there wasn’t a working docker solution yet.

Now things getting a lot easier! Docker now supports host mode and there are now a few images precompiled with homebridge.

Here is the new “How to get homebridge on the synology diskstation guide”

Update 14 February 2018: There is even a more easier way now! Skip the installation instructions from this page and

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“Hello Siri turn the lights on!” The Siri for IOT bridge running on a Synology NAS

Okay, u have a iPhone maybe a Apple Watch and want Siri to control your smart-devices, when they aren’t compatible with Apple’s homekit but are compatible with IFTTT or a REST API for interfacing them with some PHP script, the solution is the HomeKit Bridge.

With this bridge u create virtual devices who interact with the real ones by calling their web adresses. In other words, almost all connected devices would be compatible.

Needing the new Philips Hue Hub to connect your light bulbs to homekit? No use the old one!

Do u have the new Hue bridge? Read this post about making rules for switching COCO with Hue dimmers.

If u use a home-automation platform already most of the platforms are supported: Domoticz, Fibaro, Philips Hue, Sonos, SmartThings etc. connect them to the bridge and they become Siri enabled homekit devices.
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