August 8, 2016 jensbouma

Homebridge in a Docker Container on the Synology Diskstation Guide

In my first post a year ago about how to get homebridge on the Synology Diskstation, there wasn’t a working docker solution yet.

Now things getting a lot easier! Docker now supports host mode and there are now a few images precompiled with homebridge.

Here is the new “How to get homebridge on the synology diskstation guide”

Update 14 February 2018: There is even a more easier way now! Skip the installation instructions from this page and

Step 1

Install Docker from the Package Manager on your Diskstation.

Step 2

Download in Docker the image “marcoraddatz-synology-homebridge”.

Docker Homebridge

Step 3

  • Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 13.38.29Create a folder “homebridge” in your “Docker” share on the Diskstation (For easy filehandeling I like it to enable “Show in network” on the docker share so it shows up as a network share on my computer)
  • Add config.json and a files with the modules you want to the homebridge folder. Check GitHub for my example files.

Step 4

“Launch” this image and set the following advanced options:
Docker Host NetworkDocker path

  • Network: Use the same network as the Docker host
  • Volume: Add for easy access to the dockerized homebridge folder a local directory and point this to /root/.homebridge
  • Run container (you can see in the log what is is doing), first it shall install the modules form the then it will run homebridge with the settings form the config.json.

There should be a homebridge device called ‘Homebridge is Working”


Step 5

  • Rename > if u don’t want to wait every time the container runs.
  • Add the modules you want to use by editing the, this wil runs every time when the container starts.
  • Edit your config.json so it suits you and check this on
  • Restart the container to run the new config file and installscript


You can get into the shell of the docker container with the following steps:

  • ssh into your Diskstation (ssh root@yourip)
  • ‘sudo su’ to get into superuser mode
  • ‘docker exec -u 0 -it HomeBridge bash’ to go into your container shell

From here you can direct install modules with ‘npm install -g homebridge-particle’ for example or run homebridge with the command ‘homebridge’ for direct visual feedback in the terminal shell for debugging your edited config file.

If the connection doesn’t work as it should, this is mostly fixed by deleting the persist folder (in the folder on the docker share) and remove your homebridge device from homekit with a reboot of the container and adding it again to homekit.

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Comments (6)

  1. Jozef

    Hello all, please have you any idea if I can control my air condition samsung AR7000 which is controlled by samsung smart home app with Siri (homekit) ? I thinking about raspberry pi and homebridge or do anyone know if some thermostat as elgato eve room and use IFTTT ? please can you help me? thank you very much in advance.

  2. This was exactly what i was looking for. I have a diy home automation setup and i wanted to integrate it with HomeKit without having to buy a dedicated Pi. Thanks for the package and the instructions

  3. Paul Kok

    Dear Jens,

    I havent got Docker on my synology available (DS213air). Is there a work around of this.

    Thanks Paul

  4. Jan

    Hello Jens, I have install docker and marcoraddatz-synology-homebridge on my synology 216+II, so far so good.
    What are my next steps to do ?

  5. TCS

    Hello Jens. I followed your tutorial well explained, and I recover back my config.json and packages.json from my pi3, copied it to the good folder. Domoticz is running, but I get an error: “Error: The requested platform ‘eDomoticz’ was not registered…”. Would someone be able to help me? Thx a lot 😉

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