Mobile video production

On a Saturday morning a friend at the glidingclub questioned to make a vlog about his project – about rope tension measurements of the winch – for a contest he was participating in.
I only had the Sony A6300 and iPhone X with me so this video was also a test for mobile production, cool!

After some coffee the idea was created and I start shooting the video. The day after the edit was done with LumaFusion on the iPhone X. The video was published on Monday and a few weeks later Tom won the contest.

Baking motorcycle jeans

For riding my motorcycle I got some fashionable motorcycle jeans. They look gorgeous but the side effect is, that they are not waterproof and dry really slowly. So I decided to wax them with Fjällräven Greenland Wax what I already was using on my G-1000 outdoor pants. The wax is getting into the fabric and protect this against water and dirt getting in. Read more

DJI Mavic strong wind preformance

I bought myself a new toy, the DJI Mavic. It was a really windy day, but off course I wanted to test it outside. It preformed better than I expected in this weather conditions. Great price of equipment!


Maha Shivaratri

First day in Nepal, and what a day…. I came to Nepal with (un-planned) perfect timing. The festival Maha Shivaratri was celebrated today.

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Amazing writer Aravind Kodlekere

In Gokarna I met the amazing writer Aravind Kodlekere, owner of the hotel I went due to the Stingray incident. I asked him if he had a book to read, because I ended up there without any luggage and the doctor forbid me to use my feet yet. The book where he came with – a business agenda – was written by himself.

The book described his thoughts and I like to share this amazing work of a amazing writer with you.

Download here the PDF copy of the book ( all rights reserved © by Aravind Kodlekere )