DJI Osmo Mobile

Today DJI launched the DJI OSMO Mobile.

This version of the OSMO is not a complete camera, its a accessoire for smartphones.

This model of the OSMO probably just fits my needs – travel lightweight as possible without a lot of gear – so instant buy for me! Hope it will arrive soon to be in time for my worldtrip!

The complete package without the bag is around 500 grams and i’m sure the extra weight in my backpack is worth it for such nice thing. Review coming in a few weeks from now! here!!


Investeren in duurzame stroom goed voor portemonnee zzp’er

Zonnestroom is niet alleen goed voor het milieu maar natuurlijk ook voor de eigen portemonnee, maar hoelang duurt het voordat je de investering in de zonnepanelen in een positief banksaldo terug ziet?

Vaak wordt er gezegd dat de terugverdientijd zo’n 8 jaar is maar dit kan – als ondernemer – een stuk sneller!

De terugverdientijd is het moment waarna je winst gaat maken. Door een paar trucjes verdien ik mijn installatie – die ik zelf nu zo’n 1,5 jaar gelden op mijn (huur)woning met kantoor aan huis heb geïnstalleerd – in in ongeveer 3,5 jaar terug en bespaar daarna ongeveer €500,- per jaar op de energierekening. Read more

Homebridge in a Docker Container on the Synology Diskstation Guide

In my first post a year ago about how to get homebridge on the Synology Diskstation, there wasn’t a working docker solution yet.

Now things getting a lot easier! Docker now supports host mode and there are now a few images precompiled with homebridge.

Here is the new “How to get homebridge on the synology diskstation guide”

Update 14 February 2018: There is even a more easier way now! Skip the installation instructions from this page and

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Nikon’s D500 and the 4K video crop

Exciting news for filmmakers who own already (expensive) Nikkor lenses and want to shoot 4K video with it. Or maybe not and is the 4K mode just a ‘4K marketing label’?

When you already have DX lenses or when you were thinking about a DX Nikon DSLR this is great news, if you have FX lenses then wait to the entry level FX version for switching to 4K video.

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Switching KAKU / COCO with Philips Hue Dimmers and the Hue Bridge 2.0

I use two systems in my home, Click on Click Off (Klik Aan Klik Uit) and Philips Hue and now they work together by making homekit rules.
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Philips Hue Whites vs Click On Click Off

Recently I installed COCO dimmer units in my apartment but after 2 months I replaced them for Philips Hue Whites.

I first bought the COCO AWMD-250 dimmer units, the main reason for choosing COCO was the price difference between the Philips Hue variant and that I already had led lights in the most of my lamps.
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“Hello Siri turn the lights on!” The Siri for IOT bridge running on a Synology NAS

Okay, u have a iPhone maybe a Apple Watch and want Siri to control your smart-devices, when they aren’t compatible with Apple’s homekit but are compatible with IFTTT or a REST API for interfacing them with some PHP script, the solution is the HomeKit Bridge.

With this bridge u create virtual devices who interact with the real ones by calling their web adresses. In other words, almost all connected devices would be compatible.

Needing the new Philips Hue Hub to connect your light bulbs to homekit? No use the old one!

Do u have the new Hue bridge? Read this post about making rules for switching COCO with Hue dimmers.

If u use a home-automation platform already most of the platforms are supported: Domoticz, Fibaro, Philips Hue, Sonos, SmartThings etc. connect them to the bridge and they become Siri enabled homekit devices.
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